Style of Yoga

pictures by Venessa 020

Asha first trained as a teacher of the Iyenger style of yoga in India.
The focus here is more on precision and body alignment.


Secondly she trained as a teacher of the Sivananda style. Sivananda yoga is more spiritual and 
 focuses more on meditation and pranayama (breath control).


Thirdly Asha trained a teacher of Asthanga with David Swenson and with British Wheel of yoga.  

Asha has taken the best from all these disciplines and created her own style.



Each week we have different theme of dynamic classes such as our very popular Chakra (wheel) yoga to go deeper in Dynamic practice like back bends, we have Dund (stick) yoga to improve postures and balance. We also use wall for support and proper alignment.  Our very popular restorative yoga is suitable for all levels and specially helpful to people suffering from stress. In restorative classes we use lots of props like bolsters, blocks and straps to get you deeper into the long hold postures and finishing with yoga nidra (guided relaxation) and long meditation.

You can expect to gain strength, flexibility and core stability and will feel mentally uplifted. Non-competitiveness within the class is encouraged throughout.