Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hours teacher training course. Cost-effective

200 hours Yoga Alliance certified teacher training course starting in January 2022..



Teaching YOGA is highly rewarding profession, Even during the lockdown Yoga teachers kept on going teaching yoga online.  We are very proud to say that most Krishna Yoga trained teachers are successfully teaching yoga.



Krishna Yoga has been running Yoga Alliance teacher training courses since 2013 and is an established, registered Yoga Alliance Professionals school. We are thoroughly checked by Yoga Alliance Professionals to ensure we meet the highest standard in training and teaching. Small friendly group of no more than 8 trainee teachers to make sure all the trainees receives 100% of our support during and after the course. Upon completing the course, you will also be offered the opportunity to teach at Krishna Yoga studio.

Dates:  The course will run 1 or 2 weekends a month.

January 8th and 9th,  February 5th and 6th, March 5th and 6th, April 2nd and 3rd, May 7th and 8th and 28th and 29th, June 25th and 26th.   

Dates may be subject to change after the 1st weekend of the course to make sure all trainee teachers are available to attend all the modules. 

Final assessment will be in July.

Total cost – £2250.00 including a non-refundable deposit of £500.00.  

Early bird discount:  £2000.00 paid in full by 15th November 2021.

Option to pay by instalments – £500.00 on registration followed by 6 instalment of £325.00 = Total £2450.00.


Course overview:

Yoga postures and sequencing:  

From the day one of your training you will start to learn how to teach. The style I will teach you to teach is Hatha yoga leading to creative sequencing (vinyasa krama) however you can create your own style of teaching as you build your confidence through observations, assisting in classes, practice teaching and through our guidance during and after the course. Upon completing the course you will be able to confidently teach Hatha and Vinyasa/krama yoga using your knowledge of Anatomy/physiology and yoga philosophy. 

Anatomy and Physiology: 

This module is led by co-director – Anjali Rajkumar. With 20 years of yoga teaching experience and a career in physiotherapy, Anjali will guide you in learning the muscular, skeletal and breathing systems relevant to teaching yoga as well as in depth knowledge of the common injuries and medical conditions students may present with in a yoga class. You will learn the associated precautions/prohibitions for each main yoga posture so that you are able to teach mixed ability classes safely and effectively, and learn how and when to modify the class accordingly.    

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Yoga Philosophy:

You will learn the history of yoga and how to apply the 8 limbs of yoga (based on Patanjali’s yoga sutras) in your daily life and in your teaching yoga. You will also learn 4 main paths of yoga like Karma yoga, Gyana yoga, Bhakti yoga and Raja yoga. You will also learn about 3 Gunas like Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic and how to relate these to teaching yoga and in your own yoga practice.  


You will gain confidence in teaching pranayama and learn to teach efficient breathing habits. You will be able to teach a range of techniques such as Nadi Shodhna (alternate nostril breathing), Kapala Bhati, Brhmari and various techniques of pranayama when to use Bandhas (main muscle locks) and Mudras (hand gestures) during the practice of pranayama and meditation.


You will learn the benefits of practising meditation daily and how to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. You will also learn how to teach different methods of meditation to your students.


At the end of the course you will learn how to market your yoga business successfully.

Upon successfully completing the course you will receive a Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hours teaching diploma. You will also have the opportunity to teach for Krishna Yoga studio during and after your training.

Full Terms and Conditions and Policy Documents

Optional extra: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course  £495.00 or £350.00 for Krishna Yoga trained teachers.  November 2021.

Asha Khagram

Anjali Rajkumar

(Course directors)