I have been going to Asha’s classes for 8 years.
Asha is a deeply committed, highly experienced yoga teacher.  I have learnt an incredible amount from her.  Her passion and enthusiasm is passed on to all of her students.   No two classes have ever been the same.  Each class my body is challenged and my mind is calm.  She is a knowledgable, confident teacher who has been a wonderful inspiration.
I would highly recommend her to anyone from a complete beginner to a dedicated yogi.
– Caroline Coomber (Yoga teacher).


“I was a yoga sceptic until one day in January 2012 my partner and I joined Asha for a beginners yoga class. I was never a flexible person, I never liked exercise, I hardly worked out (I’d get inspired for a few days and then give up), and I DEFINITELY never stretched. All that changed after our first class with Asha, she started off gently introducing us to breathing  to match the poses that she guided us through, it was a revelation, I was elated to find an exercise class that I actually enjoyed.  A year after that first encounter we do self practice several times a week at home and return once a week to Asha to keep in check. We have both experienced benefits on both mind and body and hopefully will carry on with yoga into old age”
– Lesley .Abdolhosseini (DST global solution)


I have been attending Asha’s classes for over 6 years, during this time Asha has become a friend as well as my yoga teacher.  I enjoy being taught at Asha’s home as the classes are intimate (6-7 students) which means you have more 1-1 attention.
Asha’s style of yoga is dynamic and she encourages her students to maximise every posture to build confidence and gain the most out of each class, which has certainly worked for me.
Asha has introduced meditation to the classes, which I haven’t experienced before. Asha is always searching for ways to evolve and offer more to her students, she is a very inspirational person, who is hard working and strives to succeed.
Claire Anderson (Operational Manager Sitel Kingston Upon Thames)